Thursday, December 24, 2015


Miss accept her mother's feet and garbage University

In recognition of gratitude, Miss Thai knelt on her knees to accept her mother's feet "garbage University" Thanks and recognition of her tireless efforts in the care of her family and honor faithfully for years until I reached her daughter to contest beauty pageants. Young Kanitha Vasing aged 17 years and winning the title of Miss News uncontrolled Thailand last month, she returned to her hometown to bow down in front of her mother and wearing a sparkling crown and mantle. Image those affecting moment published by the newspaper "Daily Mail" that, captured the hearts of many across social networking sites on the Internet are grateful for this honor of a mother who struggled to make a living by collecting garbage and recycling. And it showed other pictures spread across the Internet Vasing It helps her mother on garbage collection. She stressed Vasing site for "Drama Fever" on the technical news that they did not feel at all ashamed of her mother's profession, she credited with now reached back to my mother, we are working to earn a living honorably shame if you did not? ". Vasing who were not given the opportunity to expect days of work in the field of advertising and television, what gave her hope of improving the situation of her family's physical victory. It is worth mentioning that kneel in front of anyone representing the highest degree of appreciation and respect for many Asians.