Thursday, December 24, 2015

75% use "whatsapp" before washing their faces

A recent study revealed that 75% of mobile users open and Atsab, before washing their faces after waking from sleep, it comes with the world's addiction to the use of sites and applications of social networking and chat. The study, conducted by the company "Deloitte Mobile" which was published on the US site TECH TIMES that nearly 78% of those who possess modern and smart phones using their phones during the first quarter of an hour of waking up, and 52% of users are using and checking in their 5 minutes before going to sleep Every night, where this study were applied to about 49000 user smartphones were selected from about 30 different countries. The researchers said the results of the study and a frightening increase of Internet addiction and substance use sites and social networks rate. Recall that in 2015, the increasing application of Facebook users has reached 1.55 billion user Facebook active for, and the number of 1.1 billion user on the site Facebook, but for the application of Instant Messaging "and Atsab", the number of users has reached application messaging and Atsab in 2015 to 900 million active users and Atsab